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LineFriends Intro

Wondering about Line Friends?

Brown is silent, calm and quite shy but when he gets furious, he will punish his friends in a way even more frightening than Cony. Although he sometimes fights with Cony, he is still a caring and gentle spouse of hers.

Unlike Brown, Choco has a passion of being a trendy girl and she is more sociable. Moreover, she is media-savvy and loves to show off by sharing her own selfies on SNS.

Moon is a troublemaker, and he always plays nasty tricks on his friends when he is unsatisfied. Also, he is lazy and single. Sometimes he is stubborn and capricious and this makes him come neck to neck with Cony. In LINE OFFLINE he is much lazier while he shows his cunning side more often (mostly at votings and competitions) in LINE TOWN.

Although she is naive, Sally can be quite clever sometimes. Furthermore, she is also a bit cunning because the lack of attention from her friends, such as intending to steal Brown’s heart by sticking by his side.

Jessica is elegant and always being kind and friendly to Cony(even though sometimes she is strict to Cony). She cares about things that her friends doesn’t mind and she gives advices to them when they are having trouble. However, she can be very cruel to others (especially the boys)when she hits the ceiling. In LINE OFFLINE she is shown to be more mature while she seems to be more gentle in LINE TOWN.

Although Cony looks really adorable, she is bad-tempered and always punishes her friends in a harsh way such as punching them and beating them up (especially Moon) when she goes bananas. However she is being kind and gentle to Brown most of the time. Also, she is a glutton and this nature always causes her to fail reducing her weight. On the other hand, nonetheless, she doesn’t have very high confidence and she has to give herself some makeup to become more beautiful. In LINE OFFLINE her gluttonous nature is exaggerated and in LINE TOWN she is shown to be more easy-going and active, though her greedy side towards food doesn’t change.

As some of the middle aged men, he is prone and seems to like reading pornography magazines and always arrive home really late, which angers his wife. Further, he seldom treats his colleagues very good, meaning that he is strict and sneaky. Nonetheless, he dislikes his wife and is usually afraid of her. In LINE OFFLINE, however, his kind side is shown.

As a narcissist, James really cares about his beauty, especially his hair. Even though he is easy to give up, he is usually positive, but sometimes he is quite brainless and timid. Moreover, he is too soft-hearted to girls and likes eating very much. He may be self-centered, but he cares for his friends and will definitely help them when he knows he must! In LINE OFFLINE he is more prideful while he shows more optimistic in LINE TOWN.

Compare to Sally, Leonard is more childish, energetic and playful. He is also a romanticist who loves singing in the rain. But sometimes he can be over-sensitive and overreacts on small things. Even he likes being taken care by Cony, he is wary of her presence. In LINE TOWNhe admires Moon and treats him as his older brother.

Edward is a naive but also adventurous child, that he can sometimes bother his friends or get himself into trouble. Nonetheless, he is still cares for his friends.

Pangyo is usually easygoing and likes being lazy. He is also friendly and playful. Moreover, he is a tech guy that knows everything based on tech and likes to take photos. However, before he met Choco, he was too indulged into technology and had no interest on other stuff, which made him unintentionally hurt a girl who liked him.

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